“The Skid Row Kid” is a portrait of a kid on a 14″x17″ heavy weight piece of paper. It starts with a pink cloud that seems to surround him as he levitates over hands of fire. Initially, ‘The Skid Row Kid’ didn’t exist. The painting started off as a mushroom cloud with two people holding umbrellas. As it developed I decided to include more technical skills, so I drew a person using oil paint with a brush and a prismacolor pencil. The background of this painting is chaotic, so the kid seems to be in a world of disarray. Skid Row is influenced by the amount of young kids living on the streets, so i felt it was fitting to be part of the title. The pink cloud is a representation of the kid being satisfied while living in a world that has so much chaos. Pink clouds refers to a feeling of serenity that comes once someone has stopped drinking or using drugs for a substantial amount of time. The hands of fire may represent evil or addiction that try to bring the kid down from his cloud. The Skid Row Kid has more than surface meaning when all the symbolism is accounted for.

The Skid Row Kid By CAM. 14″x17″ mixed media on paper, 2015.