Artist Statement


CAM. Chris Michel, 32 years old, is a New York City artist who creates works of art that exude life, experimentation, and honest inquisition which is rooted in his time spent serving in the military and his studies of anthropology.
Chris Michel graduated from Stony Brook Cniversity with a BS in Anthropology and served five years in the C.S. Army including a year deployed in Afghanistan. He also specializes in film, photography, and sculpture. In addition, he is owner and operator of Conceptual Art Project, an art collective platform for artists and galleries around the world to collaborate and celebrate one another’s talent.
CAM. is a talented colorist and uses a vast array of color to create surreal and vibrant landscapes. The artist enjoys using mixed mediums such as oil and acrylic paints as well as oil pastels and prismacolor pencils; these materials prominetly showcase the details and fine lines the artist desires to create. There are also aspects of messy paint and surrealism which brings the artist back to his carefree days as a child when he felt most free.
CAM.’s art process takes risks by recreating dreams and visions, but not by copying the images. Instead, the artist only paints what is going on inside the mind in addition to working on many pieces simultaneously. This process affords the artist the ability to be expressive and not locked into any one genre or style. This diverse method of creation allows CAM. a greater exploration of art. When a painting CAM. is working on fully allows him to express himself freely, the end result truly justifies the means.